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The New Era in AI -
From Chaos to Order

Provides 360-Degree AI Diagnosis Service for Trustworthy AI

A Layman-friendly 
One-stop AI Diagnosis 

We provide comprehensive 

trustworthiness evaluation for AI products

Easy-to-understand &
Customised solution

Instant AI model diagnosis and data detection, reporting with scoring, and recommended improvements

Reliability &
State-of-the-art Tech

Recognised multi-dimension AI model testing technology  and cutting-edge algorithms to identify and combat emerging threats in AI generated content

Standards &
Regulation Oriented

High alignment to the latest internationally accepted AI standards and regulations

Comprehensive & Adaptive Detection Capabilities

Continuous evolution and update of the detection mechanisms to adapt to future adversarial tactics

Audit / Certification Firms

Provides an efficient & quantitative way to maintain compliance of your client's models with the upcoming AI Regulations 

AI Solutions Providers

Accredit the solutions according to ISO/IEC standards and provide best in class product in the market 

AI Solution Users

Make sure the AI product that you are using is RESPONSIBLE and increase your customer 's trustowrthiness 

Investors with focus on AI

Revamp your AI Tech Due Diligence process and enhance the accuracy of your valuation parameters

Our solutions benefit  customers in a unique way that is tailored to their needs

We provide customized benefits to players in the entire AI value chain

AI diagnosis is playing a critical role in AI compliance and regulation

AI tech has permeated various sectors in our everyday lives and the future of AI is more towards it being Responsible. Public policies maximise the benefits of AI, while minimise its potential costs and risks are the need of the hour. It’s a high-growth industry with more regulations on transparency and AI ethics. AI applications and related testing are becoming more regulated. 

The AI Act is a proposed European law (2021) on artificial intelligence (AI) – the first law on AI by a major regulator anywhere, assigning applications of AI to risk categories.

The first AI testing framework and toolkit (2022) launched by Singapore to promote transparency, guiding companies to demonstrate responsible AI in an objective and verifiable manner.

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