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  • What does software provide?
    The product provides an interactive dashboard and downloadable reports related to the assessment of 24+ metrics on AI systems, covering multiple dimensions such as robustness, fairness, security, and explainability. The software will utilize the testing data and AI model provided by you as inputs and customize the output of relevant metrics' values according to your requirements.
  • What additional services we provide?
    provide consulting services as well to help you in reading the reports and providing recommendations for your AI model by identifying which metrics/areas you need to focus on to make your AI model foolproof. We will continue to work with you to modify the testing  range  AI needs changes and new regulations comes in place so that you are always ahead of the curve.
  • What is the key benefit from using the product & services?
    We have translated the internationally recognised AI ISO/IEC standards into easy-to-understand reports which can be used by stakeholders across multiple business functions. As we provide numerical comparison with the acceptable standards, stakeholders can identify the opportunity areas.
  • What is the main feature of the software?
    Our software is designed with robustness to address different needs coming from various types of customers, with the flexibility to add additional dimensions when needed.
  • Internal and External Auditing/Certification Firms
    Auditing firms are increasingly using AI models to access and analyze large amounts of data, especially when it comes to financial institutions complying with AML laws. This software can help in gauging the effectiveness of the AI models that they are using. Additionally, globally recognized AI regulations are an up-and-coming area and clients of the auditing firms would need to be compliant. Using software that assesses client-side AI solutions would increase the services provided by Auditing firms and continue the business relationship with clients.
  • AI Solution Providers
    Vendors providing AI solutions can use the software to diagnose whether their models are foolproof during the development stage and later use the testing/certification results to prove to their customers that their solution is best in class in the market.
  • AI Solution Users
    Firms using AI models have to make sure that the model they are using is RESPONSIBLE, i.e. it reduces the unintended bias, provides security, and is robust. Improving customer trust in the AI systems that the firms are using would be a key task going ahead and the software will help in objectively accomplish that task.
  • Investors with a focus on AI Investments
    Given that current AI/Technical Due Diligence is done more in a traditional way, the software could help in identifying key risk areas and comparison with industry standards, so that accurate valuation of the target firm could be reached.
  • How much does AIDX solution cost?
    AIDX provides three different kind of solutions - testing reports, consulting and software - to meet various needs of our customers. Kindly contact our friendly sales team to learn more about our enterprise offering – including pricing information tailored for your business needs.
  • Can I try first?
    Yes you can! AIDX provides a freemium testing report which covers 1 basic metric for you to start with. Click here to start your free diagnosis with us.
  • Can I upgrade or add more services/reports any time?
    Yes you can! You may choose from two models: - Pay as you use (based up number of metrics + frequency + amount of testing data) - Tiered subscription model (based on bundling of metrics, usage & consulting services)
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